Workshops are divided into 2 levels:

  1. Pranic Diet workshops – Living on Prana (basic) – it’s an introduction to living on Prana, for everybody interested in widening his consciousness, being more healthy, having more time and energy, stopping aging of the body and releasing mind from being addicted to food. This is the first step for getting the real freedom. It’s a possibility to live without need to eat every day. During workshops you’ll release many old energetic patterns, remove limiting beliefs and so on. You’ll also learn how to remain among people who eat regularly without feeling discomfort or alienation.
  2. Advanced Breatharian workshops – it’s for people who seek for next level of Pranic Diet, who want to stay longer and longer without food, even total breatharianism (for the rest of your life). This stage is available for people who completed the 1st stage workshop, poeple who are advanced in self development and free from all limiting beliefs .

To register for workshops, contact us at our contact page.

You can sign up for an individual Pranic Diet Cours – just contact us via email.